Who We Are

Rise & Learn is about impacting lives and multiplying the impact. We take you on a self discovery journey and build on your strengths to become a better leader in whichever field you play be it at home, work and society at large. Rise & Learn makes it easy to access information necessary for your growth, provides a platform for story telling, sharing experiences to give others hope and show the way. It’s about giving our time and knowledge using innovative and cost effective methods.

We use the 6 spheres of life model as the backbone of our services (Financial, Career, Health, Hobbies, Spiritual and Relationships). We focus on delivering quality and making the best use of participant’s active time.

Our Purpose

To create jobs for the young and inexperienced

Our Values

 Giving           Integrity           Authenticity

  Respect      Hardwork          Fun

Our Vision

To develop world class leaders in all spheres of life


Our Mission

To provide expertise and access to information to equip people for leadership

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